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About Me

  CSCI104: Data Structures and Object Oriented Design

  CSCI170: Discrete Methods in Computer Science

  CSCI201: Principles of Software Development

  CSCI270: Introduction to Algorithms and Theory of Computing

  CSCI310: Software Engineering

  CSCI350: Introduction to Operating Systems

  CSCI356: Introduction to Computer System

  CSCI360: Artificial Intelligence

  CSCI420: Computer Graphics

  CSCI426: Game Prototyping

  ITP115: Programming in Python

  ITP303: Full-Stack Web Development

  ITP342: Mobile Application Development

  ITP380: Video Game Programming

  ITP382: Mobile Game Programming

  ITP404: Modern Technologies of Web Development

  ITP405: Professional Applications and Frameworks in Web Developement

  ITP435: Professional C++

Previous Projects

Yelp Search

Business Search Web Application

Jan 2018

This web application is to display the business informations using user's searched term. I have made two different web application with similar funtionalities. The purpose of making two similar web application is to know the difference of traditional web application and ember.js framework. As for traditional web application, I retrieved the data using Yelp api and allow it to dipslay on the website and implemented login system to use sql data to retrieve their favorite business. For traditonal web application, I used php as backend and mysql to store the data. As for ember.js, I hard copied the data but used various add-ons or CRUD operations to understand how ember js works.
Ember.jsHTML, CSS, JavascriptPHPMYSQL

Pullin Mobile

Pullin Freight Mobile

May 2019

This project was also my senior project which uses react native to create a simple mobile application. It uses PHP SQL queries to update the database server through AWS RDS. I also used AWS Cognito to implement user authentication.This is mobile application allows the workers of our stakeholder to keep track of their private information.
React NativePHPRDS/Cognito

Shoots and Looters

Shoots and Looters

Dec 2017

This is my Principles of Software Development Final project. We created a standalone game using java. We used libgdx library as our main program. It has a shop GUI which you can upgrade user ship's attack, health, and color. When the user ship is within a certain range, it will shoot the laser. Same goes to the enemy ship and ally ship.

Pullin Dashboard

Pullin Freight Dashboard

May 2019

This project was my senior project which uses Python Qt to design UI. This is desktop application that helps the stakeholders to keep track of their trucking information. Will not post github link since this is owned by our stakeholder.



Dec 2017

This is my IOS Mobile Development final project. This shows all information about USC courses by semesters. It is sorted by department and would also have a feature to get a notification when there is an open space for desired course. The notification is sent by email and would only trigger once.

Need More Time

Need More Time

Dec 2018

This is my game prototype final project. With group of 5 people, we have created a simple 2d platform game that has multiple levels using its time stamp. To clear the stage, player need to solve a way to use its clone to activate game objects to reach to the final door.